Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Act III, Scene 62

Another fun show today.. and a big thank you to Nicole Shiro who was guest Co-host and another HUGE thank you to our new apprentice, Susan,(whom i forgot to thank on the air...).

On the show we had Patty Neff-Tiven (The Director) and two performers from the show John Carroll and Chris Romani. They are with Weird City Theatre Company’s production of Giants, in Those Days. They performed a scene and chatted us up

Also on the show the cast and creators from BUNKO, Ghosts and Margarita (renamed "The Bunko Squad") who performed two scenes from the show. In the studio were Jennifer Luster (writer, producer), Christy Bollinger (director), Misty Poe, Brandon Luster, and Rachel Bollinger.

And finally the two young women who share the role of "Annie," Sarah Nichols and Jordan Morgan along with accompanist, Susan Finnigan came back to talk about what it was like to open in front of a HUGE audience.

As a reminder, i will be away next week and Stuart will be hosting the show along with Co-host, Nicole Shiro... (have fun, you guys).

Listen to the show (Right click to save)

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