Thursday, July 08, 2010

Act III, Scene 61

Ah, Technology, how you play me for the fool!!!

Yesterday, we were fortunate enough to be given an additional 1/2 hour. (yay!! that's the good news)..... But the half hour from 2:30 to 3:00 was not recorded in the archives therefore it will not be included here. Unfortunately, there were three beautifully sung number in that time slot.. Scott Shipman singing "NYC," Jordan Morgan singing "Maybe," and Sarah Nichols singing "Tomorrow." I'm very very sad and hopeful that the geniuses at KOOP will find the file and we can add it. So this podcast will be missing a half hour.

What we do have is Doryan Rice, June Kontvis, Peter Fuhry, and Trevor Goodman from the Opposable Thumbs Theatre Company and their production of "Feaster"

As well as Scott Shipman, Emily Behm, Jordan Morgan and Sarah Nichols for Zilker Theatre's production of Annie opening July 9th and playing through August 15th at the Zilker Hillside Theatre.

Listen to the show (Right click to save)

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