Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Act VI, Scene 10

You'll notice the the posted version of the show is a bit different..  We've stripped out the music (for rights reasons), but we will list the music played at the end of the post.

On this weeks show we had Hyde Park Theatre's Ken Webster and Christi Moore from Scriptworks to talk about the 2012 Fronterra Fest which kicks of on January 17th.

Also, there is a new arts funder in town -- The Creative Fund -- They help artists pay venue costs.  Board member, Patrick Buchta was on the program and explained EVERYTHING.

Finally, Ken Johnson's new work, "Converstions while Dining Alone" opens on the 13th and he joined us along with actress, Barbara Francis.

  1. selection from goodbar at the Under the Radar Festival
  2. The Hamilton Mixtape
  3. Festival (Guttenber, The Musical)
  4. Peach on the Beach (No No Nanette)
  5. The Money Song (Avenue Q)
  6. Private Conversations (Side Show)
  7. What Happened to the Old Days (The Rink)

Listen to the show (Right Click to Save)

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