Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Act V, Scene 20

What a fun show.  Guests included

Ann Ciccolella, Helen Marino and Ray Schultz of Austin Shakespeare's production of Hamlet (or, as we call it: "The Danish Play").  Hamlet opens Thursday at The Long Center

Tom Booker, Carla Goodman, Nathalie Holmes, Adriane Shown Deveney who are part of The Institution Theater's Teen Angst Tuesday at The Highball.  

Finally, Nicole and I spoke to Rain creator, Mark Lewis and there is a fun audience interview piece that Stuart and I did during opening night on Tuesday at the Long Center.  And here is a little video that we posted to Facebook. 

Listen to the show (right click to save)

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  1. much thanks to Lisa and Nicole for being such crazy and welcoming hosts! hope to see you at HAMLET this weekend!
    ann chick