Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Act III, Scene 66

Do I dare say it?  The bar keeps getting raised higher and higher!  Great show today.

We started off with Zell Miller III and his show, B-Boy Bluez which is playing at the Vortex.  He did one of his numbers (spoken word) and amazed us!

Then Freddy Carnes Productions came back with the full length version of "The Odyssey, The Rock Musical" complete with live orchestra. 

And finally, we had four cast members from City Theatre's production of "Into The Woods"

All in all  we had a blast!

Listen to the show (Right click to save)


  1. So, so excited about B-Boy Bluez after hearing today's show. It's totally the kind of thing that would have passed me by if I hadn't heard it. Y'all rock :)

  2. THANK YOU!!! It is great to know you're out there listening!