Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Act III, Scene 57

What a wacky crazy show we had. First of all Stuart got stuck in traffic and i had to tap dance all by myself... (somehow I managed).

Our first guest was laura Freeman who has a wonderful character called Luna Tart... a gaudy and wonderful cabaret singer! Laura came on and talked about the show she did a few years ago called "Luna Tart Died" and we think she should do it again in Austin! Well, she did a couple of numbers in the studio.. well worth a listen

On the second half of the show we featured the Austin Clasical Guitar Society. They are hosting an internantional compiteting at the Long Center called Austin Goes Classical which has a very very impressive line up from June 22 thru June 27th! Part of their all star lineup includes the Biscuit Brothers who we were fortunate enough to have with us in the studio performing. As an added treat, Dr. Mathew Hensley, the Executive Director of the Austin Clasical Guitar Society, wow'd us with some clasical guitar... what a great show!!

Listen to it here: Listen to the show (Right click to save)

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