Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Act III, Scene 54

On today's show we had

1. Amanda from Theatre Action Project which engages youth to solve real world problems through art. She talked about the Youth Arts Festival happening this Saturday at the Boyd Vance Theatre in the Carver Museum. Stuart and I went out to Manor New Tech High School on Monday and interviewed some students and their teach about a mural they are putting up on a wall in the school.

We also had David Yeakle,Justin Sherburn and Leah Lovise from the Tongue and Groove Theatre's production of The Red Balloon which opens tomorrow at the Rollins Stage of The Long Center.

We had fun (as usual)

And later Tongue and Groove theatre is here to talk to us abougt their remounting of their award winning production of “The Red Baloon”

Listen to it here: Listen to the show (Right click to save)


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