Monday, August 03, 2009

Show 14 -- "Epidemic of Fear"

Today my guests were from The Crank Collective's produciton of Epidemic of Fear, The Influenzical" We had the Director, writer and creative genius, Jon Cecil as well as cast members Kate Caldwell, Courtney Hans and Josh Meindertsma. They were kind enough to sing a couple 'o songs from the show.. and ... Well, you just have to go. It plays at the Salvage Vangard Theatre through this week end.

Listen to the show (Right click to save)

Here is the playlist

  1. Life Support (1:59) [Rent soundtrack]
  2. Virus (Live) 1:30 [Epidemic of Fear]
  3. Mole 2:26 [Epidemic of Fear]
  4. Sometimes I lie (1:37) [Epidemic of Fear]
  5. Vira nix (live) (1:42) [Epidemic of Fear]
  6. Superboy and the invisible Girl (2:08) (Next To Normal Soundtrack)
  7. Didn’t I see the movie (1:30) (Next to Normal Soundtrack)
  8. Sometimes you have to say goodbye (1:46) [Epidemic of Fear]

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