Monday, July 27, 2009

We focused on Children’s theatre today. Specifically Austin Summer Musicals for Children production of Pinocchio. Joining us was Artistic Director, Ron Dodson and Board Member, Julie Schwartz. We also mentioned the Summer Youth Musical Production Workshop at the J with their productions of Cinderella and Into The Woods

Listen to the show (Right click to save)

Here is the play list:

  1. When You Wish upon a Star (2000 Box Set Version) (3:13) –The Supremes (65-67)
  2. It's Easy Being Green (2:42)
  3. Lighten Up (2:52)
  4. Ten Minutes Ago (2:35) (From Cinderella w/Julie Andrews & Jon Cypher 1957)
  5. Ever After (2:20) (From "Into the Woods 1988 w/ Bernadette Peters)
  6. Daddy Pinocchio (4:54) William Clark; Groove Time; 1994

Monday, July 20, 2009

Show 12 -- Sweeney Todd and Little Shop of Horrors

Today, I was honored to have Michael McKelvey and Ginger Morris of Summer Stock Austin. They are the founders of the organization and the directors of Sweeney Todd and Little Shop of Horrors which opens on July 30th at the Long Center's Rollins Stage.

Listen to the show (Right click to save)

Here is the play list:

  1. Little Shop of Horrors (Prologue) (2:06) –Original Cast
  2. The Ballad of Sweeney Todd (2:49) [2005 Broadway revival
  3. Suddenly, Seymour (3:28) [1986 Film Soundtrack]The Worst Pies In London (2:26) [1979 - original Cast]
  4. Dentist! (2:12) [original off-Broadway cast]
  5. Pretty Women (4:28) [film Soundtrack]

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Show 11 -- "Once Upon A Mattress"

Hi All,

Today's guest was Jim McDermott, the Executive Director of Hill Country Community Theatre as well as the Director of the current show "Once Upon A Mattress." Unfortunately, due to my dang computer's inabilty to take orders and record the show, I have nothing to download. I hope to get something soon from a cassette backup. But for now... no download...

But I DO have the playlist:

  1. The Swamps of Home)(2:58)
  2. Very Soft Shoes (3:38)
  3. Happily Ever After (3:59)
  4. I'm Hans Christian Andersen (2:39)
  5. Goodnight, Sweet Princess (1:29)
  6. Spanish Panic (3:26)

Monday, July 06, 2009

As part of City Theater's Summer Acts! Theatre Festival, Freddy Carnes Productions prestent The Odyssey, A Rock Musica. On the show: Freddy Carnes who concieved, wrote, directed and stars in the show and his wife and co-director Olga Kams Carnes. For more information on The Odyssey, you may go to the City Theatre Website ( ) or email Freddy at .

Listen to the show (Right click to save)

Here is the play list:

  1. Poseidon, God of Wind and Sea (2:31) from The Oddyssey, A Rock Musical
  2. Main Our Journey (3:23) from The Oddyssey, A Rock Musical
  3. Ithaka(2:45) from The Oddyssey, A Rock Musical
  4. Odysseus Dance (Hasaporservikos Dance) (2:57) [Greece-grece / Compilation]
  5. Black Toe (2:41) -- Original Song by Freddy Carnes
  6. Oh, The Thinks You Can Think (3:52) [seussical – orignal cast] David Shiner
  7. Green Eggs and Ham (1:18) [seussical – orignal cast]
  8. You Have your Father's Spirit (2:46)
  9. The Morning After (2:35) (From "The Poseidon Adventure") 1972
  10. Doomed, Doomed, Doomed (2:35) (From "The Golden Apple") (Remastered 1997)
  11. The Heroes Come Home (1:33) (From "The Golden Apple") (Remastered 1997)
  12. Where is Odysseus (2:48)