Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Show 37 -- Movin' Melvin Brown, Susan Branch Towne, Ann Ciccoella

Another fun show.... We just love the hour format!!!

Movin' Melvin Brown came on the show, sang his heart out and TAP DANCED!!! You heard right.. tap danced on the radio. We had so much fun! His show "A Man, A Magic, A Music" plays this week (1/27 - 1/31) at the Blue Theatre as part of Frontera Fest.... Go See It!!

We were lucky enough to have, not one, but two Austin theatre icons on the show. Susan Branch Towne whose costume designs can be seen on almost all the Austin stages as well as all over the world. We also were joined by Ann Ciccoella, Artistic Director of Austin Shakespeare, Educator and advocate for the arts.

What a great show!

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Show 37 -- Nunsense, The Second Coming and Frontera Fest

What a wonderful show we had on Monday. This was our 2nd hour-long show and I was joined by co-host Stuart Moulton!!

We had the ENTIRE cast of Nunsense II, The Second Coming, now playing at The Georgetown Palace Theatre. What fun! They did 3 numbers and we had a blast in the studio. Here's who was with us in studio:

Ron Watson, Director
Jonathan Borden - Conductor and Pianist
Melita McAtee - Reverend Mother
Cathie Sheridan - Sister Hubert
Arden Baxter - Sister Robert Anne
Sara Burke - Sister Mary Leo
Samantha Watson - Sister Mary Paul (Amnesia)

We also had Christina Moore of Austin Scriptworks to talk about the 17th annual Frontera Fest..happening right now Through February 13th all over the City of Austin. As a bonus, Mike Henry of Austin Poetry Slam was on and performed one of his works.. It was moving and beautiful!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's A Girl To Do

On Monday, January 4th I substiututed for Lisa Schneider and hosted "What's A Girl To Do" on Koop. I had Actress, Director, Writer and Singer Letica Rodriguez as my guest.

Here is the show:

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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Show 36 -- Surfin' UFO and Bonnie Cullum

Today's show was the first of my hour long shows for the Month of January. I am joined by my Co-host for the month, Austin Cabaret Theatre's Stuart Moulton who, not only helps me on the show, but informs you what's going on in the world of theatre outside of Austin, TX.

In the first half hour we highlighted Electronic Planet Ensemble's production of Surfin' UFO and and two of the creators on the show, Chad Salvata and David Jewel.

In the second half we focused on the career of Bonnie Cullum, Artistic Director and Founder of the Vortex theatre.

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